Bandits - Brigata Maiella

September 8, 1943: Italy signs the armistice with Allies. The German troops, still present across the whole country, in just a few hours become bitter enemies. While American forces are advancing from the south, the Axis troops settle on an impenetrable line of fortifications that bisects the whole of Italy: The Gustav Line controlled by the general Kesserling. It begins a work of heavy persecution and repression of the Italian population. The summary trials are in the order of that day, many shootings, entire countries are evacuated, robbed or worse. Gessopalena: 1944 January 21th. The Nazis considered the country a forge of traitors and partisans. As punishment they burn alive 42 people among women, old people and children. Then filling houses with explosives they delete entire village in a cloud of flame and debris that brightens the darkness of that night. In that night of fire and darkness, the Maiella brigade will rise. The most important partisan force that Italy ever had. Thank to the trust and cooperation of Major Lionel Wigram, who put them officially into the British troops, in a few months the brigade made made a foundamental contribution to the liberation of the whole Italy. For a Maiella shepperd, for a farmer from Abruzzo, the arrival of German soldiers, tanks, bomber, heavy vehicles, was the first contact with a superior civilization, technologically much more advanced, with a strict, perfect, ruthless and often incomprehensible sufficiency. Like an alien invasion, iti is from this introduction that starts “Bandits”, a careful historical reconstruction, a war movie that respects the traditional rules with the style and shape of a disaster movie like “War of the Worlds”, “Battle: Los Angels” and “Edge of Tomorrow”. Remaining only by the side of the Miaella’s fighters, in the woods, in abandoned villages, into the mountains, “Bandits” is going to tell a story of heroism and sacrifice of patriotic love and courage, hope and terror. Struggling with an enemy with an incomprehensible language and brutal behavior, with infinitely more advanced weapons and equipment, the brigands of Maiella, with the help of the Allied troops, will have to demonstrate all their value even at the cost of extreme sacrifice.