Folco Quillici

“I put myself in the shoes of a child. To understand the others. To tell them: look, see what is there far away from your houses. I was encouraging them to dream”

Few men, in the world, have had an importance in Documentary history comparable to Folco Quilici’s one. He began in the middle of the 50’s as a photographer and underwater documentary-maker, went through documentaries about people and communities, and ended up with doing travel reportages in Africa, Asia, Latin America. A more than 50-years-long work, that indelibly marked the way documentaries were made in Italy and in the whole world. He has been nominated and awarded for the most prestigious rewards, i.e. the “Orso d’Argento”, the “David di Donatello”, the “Leone d’oro” and the Oscar. An astonishing career which mirrors an exceptional life, marked from the lost of his father (a reporter) who died in a not clear sort of incident with the plane he was travelling on with Italo Balbo. But a lot of collaborations and the friendship with some of the most important personalities of the ‘900 also imprinted his life, for example Fernand Braudel, Italo Calvino, Renzo De Felice, Levi Strauss and many more. life dedicated to research and reception, from the most exotic animals to the most far and little known communities, in those years in which the World still hold his mysteries in some recondite places of its and the equipments still were not easy to carry as nowadays are… so every travel was real an adventure. The Documentary presents the testimonies of Quilici himself and of who had known him, coworked with him, or merely inspired from him. Also it will feature a lot of mostly inedited and still actual archive material, that is going to catch and amaze nowadays as it was in those years. This is the tale of a life that can be quoted as an example and an exhortation to never surrender, to never give up the curiosity and to always search for comprehension… to fight to see more, meet more, know more, understand the other people more. 17