Italy’s artistic, archaeological and natural heritage is unique and unparalleled in the world. From Roman times up until at least the 17th century, the peninsula was the leading light and propeller of not only world painting, sculpture and architecture, but it was also the centre for the production and diffusion of the ideas and philosophies which are at the base of modern civilisation. The task of making a list of just the most influential of the Italian artists, writers and philosophers who indelibly stamped their mark on the history of Western civilization would not only be an understatement, it would also be a very long process. From the fundamental elements of modern law imposed by Ancient Rome to the foundations of liberal thought that are firmly rooted in the Italian Renaissance; from Masaccio and Alberti’s use of perspective to Tiziano’s "impressionist" use of colour; from classical Roman statues to the solemn elegance of the works of Bernini, Italy can be truly defined the cradle of civilization. But a tourist who finds himself spending his vacation in the Bel Paese (Beautiful Country) also has the possibility to appreciate the other great Italian heritage: the cuisine. Continuously evolved over two thousand years of Italian history in an endless diversity of recipes, products and unique ingredients, the Italian food and wine heritage is undoubtedly one of the largest and most popular in the world. An interweaving of art and cuisine, that unmistakably characterizes our country, and that makes even a simple walk through a village or town a unique and unrepeatable sensory experience.


“Italy, voyages through art and cuisine” is a TV program made up of ten or twelve 45-minute episodes, where each season a top chef and an art historian accompany the viewers along many journeys to discover the artistic and gastronomic wonders of our country.
The structure of each episode will be more or less identical. Each episode will open with a typical breakfast in a well-known place in the city/town/village, accompanied with typical local pastries and beverages. The classical Italian breakfast, accompanied by liberal discussion between the presenters regarding the cuisine, but also the customs of our country. Then the morning will continue with a visit to a museum, a historical building, a church or even just a particular walk through important countryside, accompanied by artistic historical information and the once again the liberal discussion between the presenters. Then lunch, to be eaten in a restaurant or farmhouse in the area, where local recipes will be demonstrated to the public. Then an afternoon visit to another important artistic, historical or countryside point of interest, to be followed by a visit to the restaurant where the gust chef of the episode works, where he/she will prepare one or two recipes for dinner, accompanied by the eventual guests present in the episode.
This basic structure can also be modified according to the eventual local situations: a night time episode, with visits to the night-time places in the city, or museums and monuments which are exceptionally opened during the evening, or boat trips, mountain climbs and excursions of all types.
Furthermore, in some episodes guests from the worlds of art, culture and show business will be invited to accompany our presenters along their wonderings, in order to enhance the characteristic tone of the whole series: conviviality and socializing.
All the episodes, in fact, will have the strict and rigid format that characterizes most of the art and paradoxically, also cooking programs, but will have the light and educated tone that is present when friends decide to meet and go for a journey, fun and exciting, while always maintaining a high level of culture, quality of content and style of ‘teaching’ offered. A program that will mirror the “Italian way of life”, mixing together fun, culture, good food and architectural and artistic beauty.
A program whose flavour will be given as much by the gastronomic and artistic elements that will be offered in every episode, as by the alchemy that will be created between the two presenters, who are not only extremely competent in their respective fields but also charismatic and fun enough to attract the attention and affection of the public.